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Dr. Karl Albrecht

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Blueprint for a New America: Can We Save the World's Most Admired Republic? will shake up the national conversation as no book ever has.

With an introduction by Major Garrett, CBS News' Chief Washington Correspondent, and written by best-selling author and strategic thinking expert Karl Albrecht, it takes a fresh new look at the American Republic — from the big picture perspective.

Karl Albrecht offers some radically new perspectives, and spells out imaginative solutions to the challenges we face in the next decades. He dismisses the tired old slogans and cliches that pass for political thinking these days. He shows how we can — and must — re-think each of the 10 key components of our republic.

This landmark book can help all of us in America, whether born here or transplanted, to better understand our history, our culture, how we got to where we are, and what our Republic needs from us as we face a very challenging future.

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