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The Social Intelligence Code
for Business

Dr. Karl Albrecht, the author of the international best-seller Social Intelligence: the New Science of Success — the book that's becoming the must-read manual for enlightened executives and managers — has devised the Social Intelligence Code for Business.

It's a ten-point plan — and pledge — for building and sustaining what he calls a "culture of civility" in business organizatiions.


What is the SI Code?

Karl Albrecht's ten commandments — or commitments — of social intelligence are the product of years of research with businesses of all kinds. He has refined them to exactly one hundred words, and explains each of them succinctly in this simple, accessible, thought-provoking booklet.

Principle 1, for example, prescribes that "Our leaders model and encourage a culture of civility." Principle 2 prescribes that "We treat each other with respect, courtesy, and consideration." Principle 4 says "We value the diversity in people, ideas, and points of view." Number 7 says "We cooperate betwen work groups, not putting 'fences' between us."

How Can I Use the SI Code?

The Social Intelligence Code for Business is a high-impact, low-cost way for you to introduce the principles of social intelligence to everyone in your organization.

You can purchase booklets for all of your employees, distribute them through your managers and unit leaders, and support them as they "teach and preach" the ten key principles of social intelligence throughout your organization.

What's My Investment?

The cost per booklet is only $6.95 (minimum purchase is 10 copies), with discounts for large quantities. We can even print the name and logo of your business on the cover if you like.

The SI Code for Business is a perfect companion to Karl Albrecht's book Social Intelligence, and to the Social Intelligence Profile, which is a self-scoring self-assessment questionnaire. The three products, together, enable you to introduce the concepts of social intelligence on a systematic basis throughout your organization.

If you'd prefer to try out the Code before you commit to a full purchase, just order the Starter Set of 10 copies and share them with your colleagues and key leaders. Gain support for an organization-wide introduction and then go all the way!

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