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These are some of my most favorite resources, created or collected over a long and rewarding career. Feel free to read or download anything here that seems interesting or useful.

Feel free to print them or pass them on to others, for non-commercial use, and please give credit to the source.

For commercial use or wide distribution, please use the email form to request permission (which we almost always grant).

And, of course, feedback is always appreciated.

Dr. Karl Albrecht
"Mr. Brain Power"
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Conversations With a Frog Audio A brief, inspiring parable about being "stuck" and - more importantly - getting unstuck.Three people have chance conversations with a magical frog who leads them to discoveries and realizations that free them from their stuck circumstances and open the way to the lives they really want to live. View
Mental Health Hotline Audio Satirical voice-over, answering telephone on a mental-health hotline. [Note: may not be suitable for people highly sensitive to concerns of people with mental health issues.] View
"Brain Snacks" Blog - Psychology Today Magazine Blog A collection of thought grabbers, posted by Karl Albrecht on the Psychology Today Magazine Internet blog View
"Thank you, Mrs. Price" Blog A belated homage to the teacher who changed my life. If you love someone; if you appreciate them; if you're grateful to them - tell them now. One day it will be too late. View
A Guide for Civil Discourse Blog Blog article by Karl Albrecht, calling attention to the declining quality of the "national conversation," and offering specific guidelines for more intelligent, tolerant, and constructive discourse View
Change Your Words and You Change Your World Blog Listen carefully to the statements of people who've disempowered themselves and you'll hear certain language patterns that set them up for feeling powerless. View
Could This be the One Real Secret to Self-Motivation? Blog Brain science offers a stunningly simple strategy for mobilizing our intentions. View
Famous Bad Calls Blog These days, it's becoming more and more dangerous to take anything we read or hear on face value. View
Freeing Yourself From Toxic Loops Blog Toxic loops are remarkably common in everyday human interaction. But we can free ourselves from them through mindful attention and a more peaceful attitude about how we deal with others. View
Have You Had a Eureka Moment? Blog The French physician and scientist Louis Pasteur advised, "Chance favors the prepared mind." View
How Socially Intelligent Are You? Take this Quiz and Find Out Blog The Social Intelligence Quiz is an online, interactive assessment tool that highlights key toxic or nourishing behaviors that affect success in relationships, jobs, and careers. View
How to Develop "Zen Presence" Blog Zen presence enables you to interact more rationally, intelligently, and creatively. View
How to Install Your Emotional "Reset Button" Blog When you press your magic reset button, you instantly distract your brain from its undesirable state of arousal, and you redirect its attention to a more positive feeling state. View
How to Write a Dynamite Blog Article Blog Tips, dos and don'ts for writing blogs and other short articles with impact, interest, and clarity. View
Is Your "Crap Detector" Working? Blog Are you being hypnotized and intellectually anesthetized by the steady tide of entertainment imagery in the popular culture? Ernest Hemingway advised, maybe it's time to tune up your "crap detector." View
Science Class Isn't Working Blog It appears that more Americans prefer to believe in creationism, angels, and UFOs than in climate change and evolution. View
Star Trek Characters as Cognitive Archetypes Blog All true Trekkies will instantly recognize these four primary patterns of thinking. View
Ten Partly Baked Ideas Blog What are partly baked ideas? They're off-beat, off-the-wall, partly-formed, embryonic snippets of ideas, that might even be off-limits to your everyday thinking. Think of them as "ideapetizers." View
The "Popeye Point" Blog Everyone has had a "Popeye Experience" at some time in their life - a sudden decision to break out of a troublesome life situation and start doing what's best for you. View
The (Only) Five Fears We All Share Blog (1,000,000+ reads) There are only five basic fears, out of which almost all of our other so-called fears are manufactured. View
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