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"Brain Snacks" Blog - Psychology Today Magazine Blog A collection of thought grabbers, posted by Karl Albrecht on the Psychology Today Magazine Internet blog View
"Thank you, Mrs. Price" Blog A belated homage to the teacher who changed my life. If you love someone; if you appreciate them; if you're grateful to them - tell them now. One day it will be too late. View
A Guide for Civil Discourse Blog Blog article by Karl Albrecht, calling attention to the declining quality of the "national conversation," and offering specific guidelines for more intelligent, tolerant, and constructive discourse View
Change Your Words and You Change Your World Blog Listen carefully to the statements of people who've disempowered themselves and you'll hear certain language patterns that set them up for feeling powerless. View
Could This be the One Real Secret to Self-Motivation? Blog Brain science offers a stunningly simple strategy for mobilizing our intentions. View
Famous Bad Calls Blog These days, it's becoming more and more dangerous to take anything we read or hear on face value. View
Freeing Yourself From Toxic Loops Blog Toxic loops are remarkably common in everyday human interaction. But we can free ourselves from them through mindful attention and a more peaceful attitude about how we deal with others. View
Have You Had a Eureka Moment? Blog The French physician and scientist Louis Pasteur advised, "Chance favors the prepared mind." View
How Socially Intelligent Are You? Take this Quiz and Find Out Blog The Social Intelligence Quiz is an online, interactive assessment tool that highlights key toxic or nourishing behaviors that affect success in relationships, jobs, and careers. View
How to Develop "Zen Presence" Blog Zen presence enables you to interact more rationally, intelligently, and creatively. View
How to Install Your Emotional "Reset Button" Blog When you press your magic reset button, you instantly distract your brain from its undesirable state of arousal, and you redirect its attention to a more positive feeling state. View
Is Your "Crap Detector" Working? Blog Are you being hypnotized and intellectually anesthetized by the steady tide of entertainment imagery in the popular culture? Ernest Hemingway advised, maybe it's time to tune up your "crap detector." View
Science Class Isn't Working Blog It appears that more Americans prefer to believe in creationism, angels, and UFOs than in climate change and evolution. View
Star Trek Characters as Cognitive Archetypes Blog All true Trekkies will instantly recognize these four primary patterns of thinking. View
Ten Partly Baked Ideas Blog What are partly baked ideas? They're off-beat, off-the-wall, partly-formed, embryonic snippets of ideas, that might even be off-limits to your everyday thinking. Think of them as "ideapetizers." View
The "Popeye Point" Blog Everyone has had a "Popeye Experience" at some time in their life - a sudden decision to break out of a troublesome life situation and start doing what's best for you. View
The (Only) Five Fears We All Share Blog There are only five basic fears, out of which almost all of our other so-called fears are manufactured. View
The (Only) Ten News Stories Blog Most people consider the news industry cynical and committed to pandering to the lowest common intellectual denominator. But few have noticed the curious irony at the very core of the news paradigm. View
The Five Dysfunctional Directives We Can Live Without Blog Mindful awareness of our programmed social patterns can free us to grow. View
The One Sentence that Changes Everything Blog Knowing the power and influence of the first sentence can enable you to influence others more effectively than you might ever have thought possible. View
The Paradoxical Power of Humility Blog Humility is about emotional neutrality. It involves an experience of growth in which you no longer need to put yourself above others, but you don’t put yourself below them, either. View
The Real Reason We Believe What We Believe Blog Research shows that most of us are biased in a variety of ways. View
The Tyranny of Two Blog Recent research suggests that our brains may be pre-wired for dichotomized thinking. That's a fancy name for thinking and perceiving in terms of two - and only two - opposing possibilities. View
Three Simple Statements that Can Cure Dogmatism and Open Minds Blog Why do some people present themselves in conversation as rigid, inflexible, dogmatic, opinionated, overbearing, and unwilling to listen and learn? There is a cure for dogmatism. View
Download Free Book Chapters Book Chapter Preface and first several chapters from a number of Karl's older books. View
My Change Plan Exercise Helpful worksheet for laying out a plan for personal change View
The Uncritical Inference Test Exercise Adapted from a venerable thinking tool created by William Haney, this modern version challenges participants to recognize the differences between verifiable statements of fact and inferences View
Poster: "We Don't Know What We Don't Know" Framable Reminder about the value of discovery and the importance of remaining open to learning at all times.
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Poster: Credo for Living Sanely Framable Karl Albrecht's Credo for Living Sanely: "Fifteen Things that are True for Me."
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Poster: Mindful Eating Practices Framable Ten key reminders that help to improve digestion and reduce weight.
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The Mindex Model: Summary Framable Quick reference to the four primary thinking styles that form the basis of Karl Albrecht's Mindex model View
The Ten Commandments of Coaching Framable Guidelines for coaches who want to contribute maximum value for their clients View
"The Pursuit of Mediocrity is Always Successful" Graphic Image used by Karl Albrecht to illustrate mediocre thinking and behavior. View
Coffee Break Slide Graphic Image you can include in a slide to announce a coffee break View
The Four Basic Thinking Styles (Mindex Model) Graphic A quick overview of the four basic thinking styles in the Mindex model View
The Spectrum of Employee Engagement Graphic Graphic depiction of the various degrees to which employees can be engaged vs. alienated in relation to the organization. View
IT Discovers the Customer Monograph Essay by Karl Albrecht, admonishing IT managers and staff to consider the role, interests, and priorities of their customers (a.k.a. "users," in IT language) in all that they do View
Key Skills Required for an Effective Consultant Monograph Key skills to consider when engaging a consultant, and skills to develop when embarking on a consulting career View
Managing In Knowledge Cultures Monograph Essay by Karl Albrecht, explaining how knowledge, more importantly than data or information, shapes the cultures of organizaitons View
Organizational Intelligence Monograph Overview of Karl Albrecht's concept of Organizational Intelligence View
Picking a President Monograph Report of a research study that sought to determine key competencies for the role of US President. View
Reading the Mind of Steve Jobs Monograph A novel perspective on Apple's legendary co-founder and leader, based on his unique cognitive process and orientation View
Social Intelligence: the New Science of Success Monograph Overview of the SI concept, featuring Karl Albrecht's "S.P.A.C.E." model of the five key mega-skills. View
The "TIME" Formula for Designing a Learning Process Monograph Overview of Karl Albrecht's "T.I.M.E." model, applied to designing a comprehensive learning experience. View
The Fizzle Factor: Why Most Big-Deal Change Efforts Fail Monograph Eleven failure mechanisms that beset ambitious efforts to change the culture of organizations. View
The Future is No Place for Sissies!: Eight Super-Trends Shaping the American Business Sector Monograph Karl Albrecht's nominations for the biggest trends in business, using his 8-sector "Strategic Radar" model View
The New Model Corporation Monograph Article by Karl Albrecht proposing radical changes in the corporate model, to make businesses more socially responsible View
The Polyintelligent Leader Monograph Essay by Karl Albrecht, applying the theory of multiple intelligences to the challenges of leadership. View
The Triune Intelligence Model Monograph Explanation of Karl Albrecht's triune intelligence model, which is a special subset of the constellation of multiple intelligences, applicable to business and professional development View
Tired of Myers & Briggs? Move On to Mindex Monograph A review of the significant deficiencies of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment and a comparison to the Karl Albrecht Mindex Thinking Styles Profile View
"Understanding" Poem Short poem by Karl Albrecht, highlighting the personal experiences and values that make us all unique View
Are You a Control Freak? Take this Quiz and Find Out Quiz Psychologists tell us about the "strength-weakness paradox," which means that any trait that's one of your best strengths can turn into a liability or a weakness if over-deployed. View
How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? Take This Quiz and See Quiz Use this online interactive scoring tool to assess 25 key dimensions of emotional intelligence. View
How Socially Intelligent Are You? Take This Quiz and See Quiz Use this online interactive scoring tool to assess 25 key social behaviors. View
Albrecht Among the Top 100 Thought Leaders on Leadership Reprint Leadership Excellence: List of 100 Top Thought Leaders on Leadership View
Deconstructing Our Fears: We're All Afraid of the Same Things Reprint Widely Circulated Dissertation by Karl Albrecht, Who Asserts That All of Our Fears Are Manufactured From the Same Five Primal Fears; the "Feararchy" View
Deconstructing the Future Reprint Essay by Karl Albrecht in World Future Society Journal, offering strategies for identifying possible future developments View
Interview with Futurist Karl Albrecht, Why "Pop" Futurism Fails Reprint Cameo profile of Karl Albrecht in World Future Society journal View
Is the Association Model Broken? Reprint Essay by Karl Albrecht in JAMA, analyzing the problems that associations are having and clarifying the key value propositions association leaders should be promoting View
Seventeen Syndromes of Organizational Dysfunction Reprint Karl Albrecht's inventory of organizational and cultural failure mechanisms View
The Information Revolution's Broken Promises Reprint Essay by Karl Albrecht in the World Future Society journal, pointing out the differences between the grand predictions of the early "digital zealots" and the reality we actually experience View
The New Four Freedoms Reprint Article by Karl Albrecht in the Mensa Journal; Freedom "from", not just freedom "of" or "to." View
The Real Reasons We Believe What We Believe Reprint Article by Karl Albrecht in Leadership Excellence Newsletter; Key Cognitive Biases We All Have View
Building the High-Performance Organization Slideset Slideset by Karl Albrecht explaining the key features of High-Performing Organizations. View
The Organizational Tune-up (pdf) Slideset Slideset by Karl Albrecht that highlights the process for making organizations more effective. View
Book Summary: Practical Intelligence Summary Business Book Review recap and review of Karl Albrecht's book "Practical Intelligence" View
Book Summary: Social Intelligence Summary Business Book Review recap and review of Karl Albrecht's book "Social Intelligence" View
Employee Quality of Work Life Survey Survey Comprehensive Survey of Employee Opinions, Feelings, and Attitudes, Which Can be Used by the Leaders of Any Organization to Assess Its Culture View
Organizational Intelligence Survey Survey Diagnostic survey of managers and key staff, assessing the organization on 7 dimensions of Organizational Intelligence View
Brief Video for Mindful Healing Video Video created by Karl Albrecht, of a peaceful, serene waterfall with soothing music.
Viewing time: 1 minute.
Brief Video for Power and Potency Video Video created by Karl Albrecht, with an image and background music that stimulate feelings of power and potency.
Viewing time: 2 minutes.
The Mindex Model and Thinking Styles Profile (Streams from Website) Video Introduction and overview of Karl Albrecht's Mindex Model and the Mindex Thinking Style Profile.
Viewing time: 7:49 minutes.
The Mindex Model and Thinking Styles Profile (YouTube) Video Introduction and overview of Karl Albrecht's Mindex Model and the Mindex Thinking Style Profile.
YouTube, Viewing time: 7:49 minutes.
The Organizational Tune-up (Video) Video Video by Karl Albrecht that highlights the process for making organizations more effective.
Viewing time: 7 minutes.