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These are some of my most favorite resources, created or collected over a long and rewarding career. Feel free to read or download anything here that seems interesting or useful.

Feel free to print them or pass them on to others, for non-commercial use, and please give credit to the source.

For commercial use or wide distribution, please use the email form to request permission (which we almost always grant).

And, of course, feedback is always appreciated.

Dr. Karl Albrecht
"Mr. Brain Power"
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00: Foreword by Major Garrett Blueprint Excerpt "Washington’s most desperate problem is the lack of imagination." View
01: Ten Building Blocks of a Successful Republic Blueprint Excerpt All successful republics must have these ten essential "systems" to survive and thrive. View
02: American History in 13 Minutes Blueprint Excerpt A high-speed ride through America's development, in 25-year phases, each with its unique socio-cultural-political theme. Reading time: 13 minutes. View
03: Do We Deserve the Republic We’ve Inherited? Blueprint Excerpt We must not take our democracy for granted. The challenges head will require more of us than mere complacency. View
04: Ten Miniature Americas: The “Melting Pot” Myth Blueprint Excerpt The American culture has become more differentiated, not less. The more global we become in our experience, the more tribal we become in our behavior. View
05: The Talent Drought: Why Do We Get Such Mediocre Leaders? Blueprint Excerpt Maybe we get the leaders we deserve? View
06: The National Conversation: Civil Discourse or Shouting Match? Blueprint Excerpt We have officially entered the Age of Bull****. Weaponizing information has become standard practice. View
07: America Needs a "Beeb" (BBC) Blueprint Excerpt The media industry that supplies our information has sold its soul for profit. View
08: The Concept of the “Commons”: Who Owns the River? Blueprint Excerpt The illusion of the infinite environment. View
09: Has Hollywood Shaped Our Values? Blueprint Excerpt Amusement has become the highest cultural priority for Americans in the information age. View
10: Globalism vs. Tribalism: the Basic Choice Blueprint Excerpt We can't get out of the game, so how should we play our hand? View
11: Lets Rethink Government: Fixing the “Org-Chart” Blueprint Excerpt No one could actually manage the menagerie of Executive-Branch departments; we must reorganize in a rational way. View
12: Jan-6: the Almost-Second Civil War Blueprint Excerpt The January 6 coup attempt showed us the fragility of our precious democracy; what will we learn from it? View
13: Let’s Abolish the Obsolete Electoral College Blueprint Excerpt This peculiar relic of colonial history has propelled four unelected men into the White House against the wishes of the voters. View
14: Lets Adopt Term Limits: the ”Triple-Six” Formula Blueprint Excerpt Let's give the president, vice president, and members of Congress each a single six-year term. View
15: Lets Adopt a National ID Card Blueprint Excerpt A single, central, highly secure database of all citizens' personal data would increase security and privacy, and would save billions of dollars as well. The thought scares many people, but "Big Brother" has already taken over. We can take back our privacy. View
16: Let's Build a Real National Healthcare System Blueprint Excerpt America stands apart as the only modern nation that has no national healthcare system. We can, and must, provide universal care for all legal residents. View
17: Let’s Rethink Crime & Punishment—Completely Blueprint Excerpt Our system of crime and punishment has always focused on vengeance. We need to revise our thinking and adopt the concept of restorative justice, minimal incarceration, and rehabilitative confinement. View
18: Let’s Rethink Gun Violence Blueprint Excerpt Every 36 minutes, 24/7, an American shoots another American—self or other—to death. Every 16 hours, a woman dies at the hand of a current or former companion. We don't have to live like this. View
19: Social Pressure: the Flip Side of the Second Amendment Blueprint Excerpt Gun owners account for about five percent of the US population. Why do we allow them to make the rules about firearms? View
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