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General Interest
Brain Power
Learn to Improve Your Thinking Skills
One of the all-time classics in the field of practical thinking, Brain Power is a gold mine of concepts, skills, tips, tricks, thinking games and exercises,and wisdom for everyday life. Used by countless business organizations to develop the critical and creative skills of their people.
Brain Snacks
Fast Food for Your Mind
". . . being a collection of peculiar ideas, curious questions, oddball observations, pithy quotations, factoids, lame jokes, quirky definitions, mysteries, weird news stories, rants, witticisms and nitwitticisms, strange speculations, and other stuff you didn't know you didn't know"
Blueprint for a New America
Can We Save the World's Most Admired Republic?
Blueprint for a New America is intended to shake up America’s national conversation. With an introduction by esteemed journalist Major Garrett and written by best-selling author and strategic thinking expert Karl Albrecht, it takes a fresh new look at the American Republic—from the big picture, human systems perspective.
Personal / Professional Skills
Social Intelligence
The New Science of Success
Best-selling introduction to the latest concepts of social intelligence, and the broader topic of "multiple intelligences." Karl's "S.P.A.C.E." formula is rapidly becoming the most popular approach to assessing and developing the skills of SI.
Practical Intelligence
The Art & Science of Common Sense
The definitive handbook for becoming smarter. Shows how to understand and use your biocomputer more effectively, with four key "software upgrades" and four key "mega-skills" you need to develop. Lots of illustrations, examples, exercises, and practical tips.
Added Value Negotiating
By Karl Albrecht & Steve Albrecht
A completely new "clean sheet of paper" approach to making deals. Out with the old adversarial, game-playing approach; in with a new five-step process that's based on a cooperative search for joint value. "Don't start with an offer — start with a question."
Stress and the Manager
Making it Work For You
This was the first major book to focus on the issue of workplace stress, and to show managers how to recognize and manage it. With a foreword contributed by Dr. Hans Selye, the pioneering leader in the medical study of stress, it helps managers cope with stress, both personally and organizationally.
Strategy / Management / Leadership
Service America
Doing Business in the New Economy
The classic best-seller that launched the "service revolution" in the US and around the world. Service America sold over 500,000 copies and was translated into seven languages. The first book to recognize and explain the shift from manufacturing thinking to service thinking.
The Northbound Train
Finding the Purpose...
The classic masterwork on business strategy. Provides a systematic, step by step process for scanning the business environment, formulating a clear vision and direction, and deploying the strategy throughout the organization.
Your Strategic Radar
Tracking the Forces...
The definitive guide for the "environmental scan" — the systematic search of the business environment for the trends, events, and opportunities that are shaping your business. Based on Karl's "strategic radar" model of the eight key sectors of the environment.
Organizational Culture
The Power of Minds at Work
Organizational Intelligence in Action
Practical advice for people who run organizations, based on Karl's 30-plus years of experience as a consultant. Introduces the primal certainty of "Albrecht's Law," and provides a framework for assessing organizational intelligence, in terms of seven key dimensions of performance.
Service Within
Solving the Middle Management ...
In this unique and compelling book, Karl introduces the concept of internal service, the idea that all internal departments and functions have their own cusomers — one another. He shows middle managers how to stop being bureaucrats and start acting as internal service leaders.
The Only Thing that Matters
Bringing the Power of the Customer...
The best-selling practical handbook for getting your business truly focused on customer value. Using his universal "Total Quality Service" model, Karl shows you how to discover the key truths of your customers' motivations; build a customer focused strategy, and make it work in your organization.