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Selected chapters of some of Karl Albrecht's best-known books are currently available for free download. Others will become available as time goes on. You may download any or all of the chapters offered, reproduce them, and use them for normal business purposes. Permission is not granted, however, to publish or distribute them commercially, nor to incorporate any part of them into other copyrighted or commercial publications. Request permission in advance for those alternative uses.

Service America! Doing Business in the New Economy
(Classic best-seller, 2nd edition, re-released by the authors)
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($15.95 ea.)
 Preface Download Preface
 1. The Service Imperative Download Chapter
 2. What we Can Learn about Service From Scandinavia Download Chapter
 3. The Triangle of Service Download Chapter
 4. The Customer: King or Peasant?   
 5. Finding the Service Strategy   
 6. Building the Service System   
 7. The Service People   
 8. Dull Moments and Shining Moments   
 9. Quality and Productivity: The Measurement and Action Imperatives   
 10. Profiles in Service: Where Service is an Obsession  
 11. How to Teach an Elephant to Dance  
 12. Service Tomorrow: What Can We Expect?   
The Power of Minds at Work: Organizational Intelligence in Action Buy Bound
($15.95 ea.)
 Preface Download Preface
 1. Albrecht's Law Download Chapter
 2. Learned Incapacity: How People Collude to Fail Download Chapter
 3. What is Organizational Intelligence? Download Chapter
 4. Strategic Vision: Every Enterprise Needs a Theory   
 5. Shared Fate: the Holodynamic Organization   
 6. Appetite for Change: Planned Abandonment 
 7. Heart: Earning the Discretionary Energy   
 8. Alignment and Congruence: Eliminating the Contradictions   
 9. Knowledge Deployment: the "Hive-Mind"   
 10. Performance Pressure: Leadership With Purpose   
 11. Facing the Challenge   
 12. Psychotherapy for the Enterprise   
The Northbound Train: Finding the Purpose, Setting the Direction, Shaping the Destiny of Your Organization
(Bible for strategic thinking and planning)
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 Preface Download Preface
 1. Quo Vadis: Why Organizations are Losing Their Way Download Chapter
 2. Beyond Executive Management: the Call for Leadership Download Chapter
 3. Learning the New Rules of the Game Download Chapter
 4. The Design of Meaning: Piecing Together the Strategy Puzzle   
 5. The Environmental Scan: What's Going On Out There?   
 6. The Organizational Scan: Who Are We? 
 7. The Opportunity Scan: What Are Our Possibilities?   
 8. Model Building 101: The Customer Value Model   
 9. Model Building 102: Vision, Mission, and Values   
 10. Model Building 103: Business Logic and Strategy   
 11. Model Building 104: The Customer Value Package   
 12. Strategic Gap Analysis: What's the "Delta"?   
 13. Action Planning   
 14. Strategy Deployment   
Your Strategic Radar: Tracking the Forces that are Shaping Your Business
(Formerly titled Corporate Radar)
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 Preface Download Preface
 1. Extinction is Forever Download Chapter
 2. The Environmental Scan: Your Corporate Radar Download Chapter
 3. The New Realities of Business Download Chapter
 4. Surfing the Third Wave   
 5. How to be Your Own Futurist — Without Getting Lost in The Ozone   
 6. Your Customer Radar 
 7. Your Competitor Radar   
 8. Your Economic Radar   
 9. Your Technological Radar   
 10. Your Social Radar   
 11. Your Political Radar   
 12. Your Legal Radar   
 13. Your Geophysical Radar   
 14. What Good is a Radar If You Can't Read The Screen?    
Added Value Negotiating: the Breakthrough Method for Building Balanced Deals
(Dr. Karl Albrecht & Dr. Steve Albrecht — a five-step strategy for low-stress, high-payoff negotiating)
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($15.95 ea.)
 Preface Download Preface
 1. Head-Butting 101: The Way We've Always Done It Download Chapter
 2. The Gentle Art of Added Value Negotiating Download Chapter
 3. The Bulldog, The Fox, and The Deer: Negotiating Styles Download Chapter
 4. Self-Interest: The Great Engine of All Behavior   
 5. Finding Value in Every Negotiation: The Option Tree   
 6. Creating Deal Packages: Never Make Just One Offer  
 7. Balancing Interests: Choosing the Best Deal   
 8. Getting to the Handshake   
 9. Some Final Thoughts on Negotiating   
The Only Thing that Matters: Bringing the Power of the Customer Into the Center of Your Business
(Classic handbook for building a service culture)
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($15.95 ea.)
 PrefaceIn prep.
 1. Customer Centering: The New Quality Imperative In prep.
 2. Mindsets and Malfunctions: Manufacturing Thinking and Dinosaur LogicIn prep.
 3. Paradigm Lost, Paradigm Found: New Thinking About QualityIn prep.
 4. Creating Customer Value: How The Best Do ItIn prep.
 5. The Spirit of Service: The Source of "The Force"In prep.
 6. The Psyche of Your Customer: Finding the "Invisible Truth"In prep.
 7. Quality and Business Strategy: Creating New Rules for the GameIn prep.
 8. Empowering People with Knowledge: Winning Hearts, Minds, and HandsIn prep.
 9. Process Improvement: Doing Better With LessIn prep.
 10. Keeping Score, Scoring Points, & Pointing the WayIn prep.
 11. Your Change Management Strategy: Getting It Right This TimeIn prep.
Service Within: Solving the Middle Management Leadership Problem
(A prescription for waking up the organization)
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($15.95 ea.)
 PrefaceIn prep.
 1. If You're Not Serving the Customer...In prep.
 2. New Management Thinking for the Service AgeIn prep.
 3. The Organization: Enemy of ServiceIn prep.
 4. Middle Management: the Leadership CrisisIn prep.
 5. Moving Toward an Internal-Service CultureIn prep.
 6. The Recipe for Middle Management LeadershipIn prep.
 7. Special Issues for Internal Service DepartmentsIn prep.
 8. Understanding the Internal CustomerIn prep.
 9. Defining the Internal Service MissionIn prep.
 10. Orienting the People for Internal ServiceIn prep.
 11. Aligning the Systems for Internal ServiceIn prep.
 12. Closing the Loop with Reinforcers In prep.
Stress and the Manager: Making it Work for YouBuy Bound
($15.95 ea.)
 PrefaceIn prep.
 1. The Twentieth-Century Disease In prep.
 2. The Physiology of StressIn prep.
 3. How People Stress ThemselvesIn prep.
 4. Stress as a Management ProblemIn prep.
 5. Stress and the Quality of Working LifeIn prep.
 6. Stress-Reduction TrainingIn prep.
 7. How to Keep Your Own Stress Level DownIn prep.
 8. Redesigning Your Life StyleIn prep.
 9. How to Manage for High Performance and Low StressIn prep.
 10. What Top Management Can Do About StressIn prep.