The Social Intelligence Profile Certification Course
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Dr. Karl Albrecht
Course Author

The Online Social Intelligence Profile Certification Course is a streamlined method for learning the concepts, models, and methods of social intelligence. Complete the following steps, and then click on the Final Exam link to take the online final exam. When we receive your exam results, we will score them and let you know if you have passed – or, which questions you need to study further. When you've fulfilled all certification requirements, we'll send you your certificate of completion, which qualifies you to purchase SI Profiles and use them in a professional capacity.

You can keep track of your progress by clicking the Done checkbox under each item. Before you end the session, click the Update Progress button at the bottom. If your browser accepts cookies, you can bookmark this page and return without signing in again.

Step 1

Acquire a copy of Karl Albrecht's book Social Intelligence: the New Science of Success. It will be necessary to refer to it as you take the online qualification exam.

Order from Amazon (optional):


Step 2:

Read the following three publications:
Article: Social Intelligence – the New Science of Success Read Online  Done?
Business Book Review Summary: Social Intelligence Download .pdf  Done?
White Paper: The Triune Intelligence Model Download .pdf  Done?
Step 3:

Take the interactive self-assessment Social Intelligence Quiz, which enables you to evaluate your own behavior patterns with respect to the toxic and nourishing dimensions of interacting with other people.


Step 4:

Fill out the online Social Intelligence Profile; download your personal workbook; fill in your answer values; read the workbook thoroughly; and study your scores.


Step 5:

When you have obtained your copy of the book Social Intelligence, read it through completely. Make notes as appropriate.


Step 6:

When you have completed all of the self-study steps, you're ready to take the online Final Exam. It's an "open book" exam, so be sure to have your copy of Social Intelligence available.


Step 7:

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