Ethical Use of Assessment Profiles

The ethical-use guidelines are a few simple rules intended to make sure Karl Albrecht International’s profile products are used professionally and constructively. In applying for certification, you agree:

  • Not to use, or permit or assist others to use the profile or its underlying model as a sole or primary selection criterion for employee hiring, placement, or advancement. The model may be used to help individuals understand their individual styles as they may relate to job situations under consideration.
  • Not to use individual profile scores for purposes that may affect the employment prospects of any person, without prior agreement with that person as to the exact nature of the use. The model may be used to help individuals understand their individual styles as they may relate to the performance of their jobs and opportunities for advancement.
  • Not to use the model or profile as a primary element of psychological diagnosis in any therapeutic context. The model may be used to help people in therapeutic or counseling situations attain increased self-insight.
  • Not to copy, or permit or assist others to copy any of the profile materials, in any form for any purpose, and to make all reasonable efforts to ensure that the internationally recognized copyright status of the materials is protected. Specifically, this means not extracting or excerpting questions, scales, or other parts of the basic profile, nor adapting any of the profile materials in any way so as to circumvent the requirement to purchase materials from KAI.
  • Not to make profile materials available to non-certified practitioners for the purpose of assisting them to circumvent the requirements of certification. Specifically, this means that all users within any particular organization or business must be individually certified, and that organizations or individuals users who use their credentials to purchase profile materials on behalf of non-certified practitioners may face permanent cancellation of their license and purchasing privileges.
  • To inform Karl Albrecht International of known violations of these guidelines by others. The name of the person providing the information will be kept confidential if requested.

We will appreciate your cooperation in helping us reinforce these guidelines, which are helpful to all practitioners.

Fraternally yours,