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Welcome to my world of ideas. For over 30 years I’ve been creating books, articles, learning tools, assessments, and other knowledge products that focus on individual and organizational effectiveness. These have grown out of a rewarding career in research, consulting, and lecturing, and out of the sheer love for ideas.

I’ve assembled my favorite parts of this work into a collection — fairly coherent, I hope — and I’m making much of it available for free. Feel free to explore all of the listings and swipe anything you like.

Books Now in Print

Some of my newest books are under management by commercial publishers, so I’m not free to offer the books, or substantial portions of the information in them, without charge. Consequently, you’re invited to purchase them, either from the publisher, or from any online retailer.

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Chapters for Free Download

I have all rights to many of my earlier books, and I’ve decided to make them available for downloading, chapter by chapter, without charge. Please read the commercial restrictions that govern these works before you download.

If you want to download more than a few chapters of any one book, you can save money on paper and ink cartridges — and get more readable copies — by ordering economically priced bound copies, through the “print on demand” supplier we’ve selected for this service.

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