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Are you a trainer, consultant, coach, counselor, or other human resources professional? Is it part of your mission to help others understand themselves better and get along better in their lives and careers? If so, then the Mindex Thinking Style Profile could be the tool you’ve been looking for. It’s available only to qualified professionals who pay a modest one-time license fee and pass a brief online course. Once you qualify, you’ll be eligible to purchase Mindex Profiles and related materials and use them with the people you’re assisting.

What is Mindex?

mindexprofile-150 The Mindex Thinking Style Profile is an easy-to-use, self-scoring questionnaire, in booklet form (or online), that enables a person to better understand his or her primary patterns of thought. Your thinking style is the unique way you take in information, perceive ideas, learn, organize your thoughts, form your views and opinions, apply your values, solve problems, make decisions, plan, and express yourself to others. Based on a combination of accepted theories of brain research and practical experience, the Mindex profile becomes a powerful tool for:
  • Self-understanding
  • Clearer thinking, problem solving, and decision making
  • Communicating more effectively
  • Selling and persuading
  • Working better in teams
  • Leading and managing
  • Personal and relationship counseling

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